Judge by the Seeds not the Harvest!

What does this actually mean? You reap the benefits of the harvest, right? Why worry about the seeds?

A farmer can look back at all the seeds that he planted and feel accomplished. The more he plants, the more potential he has for the harvest. Then he has to take time to care for the plants until maturity as best as he can. A drought, storm, vermin or something can happen between the time of planting to harvest. The more you plant, the greater the results you will see regardless of what may come.

If you only see the goal and don’t pay attention to the initial process and the work that leads up to the end result, then you aren’t planning. Which is planning to fail. There are obstacles and challenges that you will not foresee.

Whether you are creating goods for customers or providing a service to end users; you have to push yourself to plant more. Get your name out there to create more value and services patrons will want from you and your business. Word of mouth, business networking, social networking, website development and much more. Plant the seed for your future and the business you want to see thrive!

Most importantly you have to water and give light to your seeds. Engage your customers and those you seek to help. Become the expert in what you love and that you’re passionate about. Continuing to correspond with your customers helps you see the obstacles before they are at your doorstep. Alter and adjust your plans and platform to push past it.

Happy Planting!

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