Establishing the First Habit

We cannot make changes by drastic measures. In order to make things happen, we have to set one habit to get us kicked off! When you wake up in the morning, accomplish the one change you want to see. Make the bed in the morning and when you see it throughout the day you’ll feel you did one task and completed it. From a business perspective, do something to promote your business. Push that morning Instagram photo that is linked to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Give that tip or the valuable idea you have to help your consumer with their problem. What you realize that happens is that the dopamine or pleasure senses are released from your brain. It creates a good feeling and what better way to start the day in a positive manner?

Do this every morning, challenge yourself every night when you go to bed to get up and make it happen! What begins to transpire is a habit and after a few weeks it becomes part of your day. Then you set the next habit behind it, if you have not already.

Keep in mind that you cannot make these changes ALL at once! This will overload our brain and the system. You’ll shut down and become frustrated with the minimal progress you make with large task at hand. What helps you keep your focus? What keeps you on track? Create a list of the habits you want to make in your life. Can one of these habits be broken down into components? If so, do it. Write the time it would take each day next to each habit.  Re-write the list and put them in order of time limit you believe it would take. For the first habit, take the smallest task and strive to push yourself to do it every day. Put the list somewhere to see it EVERY DAY!

Once you have successfully evaluated that the habit is done routinely without much thought power, take the next goal based on time. Repeat the process until you’re feeling good about the changes. When you get 2-5 of the habits in place based on the minimal impact to your day, then challenge yourself. Which of these goals is a priority for me, rather than the shortest time. When you’ve disciplined your mind with the small goals, you can start to decide which larger task can you actually apply yourself to.

This list can be written on your mirror, piece of paper, on a stick note, napkin or on your computer! It just has to be in your face every day you wake up. Integrate your habits into your day and watch the changes happen over time. Remember Rome was not built in a day!

Be the change you want to see in the world! – Gandhi 

So question for everyone, what is your morning routine to get you going on a positive note?



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