Gravitate to the Grinders

Gravitate to the Grinders! First of all what is a GrinderGrinders are people that want to make something happen for whatever reason that motivates them. There are those that grind to make money. Others want to push their ideas or reach certain goals and are completely obsessed with accomplishing it no matter what. Obsessions can be useful, but there is a fine balance to ensure that you’re not overly obsessed.

I have a good friend that is into working out and his favorite quote is “Iron sharpens iron”. He is completely compelled to find those that are so enamored with his level of desire for fitness. Because it pushes him to work harder and elevate his body to the next level. You can see the passion and intensity he has in his eyes when he talks about certain things. These are the people you want to add to your life, no matter how short or long the universe has destined you to enjoy the fruitfulness of the relationship.

I am a firm believer that opportunities are plentiful! When you get into that room and you can feel the vibe just by talking to an individual you have to get on board with where it may go! When there is just something there that you know is going to kick into high gear, you want ALL those people around you. Another great quote I love is “You are the company you keep.” There is SO much truth in this! There are some folks that are only in our lives temporarily. We have to cut them from our lives, because we go back to drag them to your level kicking and screaming. There is helping a friend, then there’s a friend that always needs help and can’t seem to get things together. There reaches a point, you have to realize you have to make it happen for you!

One of the best moves I can say I made was joining Toastmasters 18 months ago. You want to talk about positive, upbeat, energetic, passionate and great people! I challenge you to go to a meeting and see what I’m talking about! You will NOT want the meeting to end! Everyone is interested in bettering their craft and helping others succeed. Yes, Toastmasters is a public speaking club, but it is SO much more! Through communication you gain leadership skills. You gain a fellowship of people that you can depend on to help you GRIND with them! They give you feedback in how to improve yourself! Even more importantly they give you the confidence to believe in yourself to make the tough decisions in your personal and professional lives.

Last night a fellow Toastmaster was giving a speech to persuade folks to look at what your relationships truly are! He compared them to Expired, Limited and Lifetime warranties. If someone is not helping GRIND with you and push you to be the best you can be, they are an expired relationship that needs to be culled. Find the limited relationships to get you to that next level of yourself and then the lifetime relationships will propel you into the person you were meant to become! Which is phenomenal!

Happy Grinding!

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