Work Harder and Smarter

Everyone has heard the old adage work smarter not harder. The question I like to ask you, what happens to the man that works both harder and smarter at the same time? These are the people that are chasing their passions to the edge of obsessional abyss.

When you’re dealing with your business, you have so many things you are pushing in various areas; taking care of the employees, store front, shipping, orders, patrons, marketing, etc… You feel extremely vested in every component, because this is like the child you conceived from passion and ideas. There has to be an organization to what others may perceive as madness or chaos. Take just one minute and think about this litmus test about what you’re doing. “Could someone, maybe an employee, come in and make sense to run the business in your absence?”

If your answer is “No”, then what happens when you’re not feeling well or say you decide to take the family on a vacation? The absolute first thing that MUST happen is you have to take a moment to evaluate what it is that you are doing on a daily basis and convert it into a blue print for someone to step in and take over. You might ask me “Why would I want someone to be able to step in to my shoes”? It’s a perfectly valid question. I had a boss a LONG time ago that told me that the best way to have job security is to train the person below you to take over and you learn what you need to move up to the next level. As your business grows you want to delegate task to others to focus on where your strengths lay. It also is the first step to working SMARTER, because you don’t have to remember every step in your head! It is laid out that you can reference the task or process if it is in written form for anyone to look at.

Once you have put everything in place of how you run things, teach someone like they are 10 years old on how to do the task. Get their input and revise any processes as needed. You will sleep better at night and when that cold keeps you up at night, you can get the help you need to run your business SMARTER and HARDER with help.

Now your processes and people are in line with your business, now what? Evaluate your day, week and month. Find out which task happen on a regularly scheduled time frame and lay the foundation of reminders, calendars or pop ups to keep you on task to these items. Knowing when things are coming hours or even days in advance is key! Keep it visible to you and any pertinent people.

This is the fun part, for me anyways. Where is your free time for work? You can’t work a 9-5, you will NOT accomplish everything. Your evenings and weekends have to get used for your passions and desires! Are there task you can get done the night before the week starts? Sunday 7PM-12AM time frame with NO distractions? The SMART and HARD work can pay off the day or night before the week starts.

Let me give you an example of what I do every Sunday evening about 8PM. I try to see what I can get done that evening after my son goes to sleep. I know that I want to post an Instagram photo every day at least once if not twice. At minimum I prepare ALL my Instagram post for at least one post per day. Then I write my blog(s) (this one included) and schedule them to get posted accordingly to my schedule for them all. I get my YouTube and PodCast recordings done as well and schedule their times to go out (production going on behind the scenes at the time of this writing). Everything I can automate or schedule is basically done within a 4 hour window, all the way out until NEXT Sunday!

Take this idea of automation and scheduling even further. What can you do at your job to automate menial task. This has served me so well in all my jobs. This frees you up to pursue the things that peak your interest or help you grow your business even further. Why work just SMART or HARD,  when you can work HARD up front and intelligently get things done with less interruption going forward from your most precious commodity, your TIME!

Tell me what things can help make your job even easier by automation or contact me to help figure out how to work HARDER and SMARTER!

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