Get the Creative Mind Growing

What do you love doing with your free time or work? Start doing those things you love and STOP doing the things you hate! You might have to put in extra work to get to a point you can do this full time. It takes dedication, effort, passion and determination to do things you love. The old adage if you’re doing something you love then it doesn’t feel like work, is absolutely true.

What separates you from everyone else? What is it that you offer in value to provide goods or services that someone in your field is not doing?

Maybe you love talking about mattresses and trying out different ones. Is there something you can do to give yourself value and an edge over the competition? Video live stream while giving a review in a store and come up with some humorous ideas. Link up with someone else that is passionate about it with you and do skits together in the mattress stores. Interview the store managers or owners and get their take on things. Engage your audience and fan base with potential content ideas. When people LOVE what you’re doing, they become your best advocates and creative supporters.

Can you mingle certain services in with yours from another passionate individual or business? There was a company near me that would send a fresh can of cookies to patrons that bought a new car. While a small gesture compared to the price tag, it really added a great thank you at the conclusion of the purchase. If you know someone that does something really unique and it’s cost effective, with your large clients send them that thank you. It helps them feel more personal with the business they did with you. Even better if you send something useful with branding on it, that is custom made.

Even after you have the initial interaction with a client, send them a follow up card or letter in the mail. Add the personal touch. People enjoy feeling they are interacting with another person on an intimate level for businesses.

If you have a good connection and phone, get on Periscope or FaceBook Live and show people what you are doing. Give the human touch and this will really set you apart from others in your field!

Happy Grinding!

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